Monday, 24 January 2011

Inspiration for my Advert.

I have chosen to this Video for inspiration, as my chosen model very much looks like Tinie Tempah.

Images i might use for my Advert

These are the images for my Advert. It was inspired by Rayban 'Never Hide'.
The image i am going to use is the last one.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Editing my Front Cover.


Some of the DPSs, from Magazines helped me gain ideas for my magazine.


Again Biffy Clyro. I also thought i'd add this song, as it's a personal favourite, but also because my magazine heavily revolves around a Biffy Clyro esc style.


My magazine is heavily influenced by a Biffy Clyro esc theme. My Front cover took major inspiration from Biffy Clyro, as a three membered band.


The use of Colours and Light, truely reflect my Magazines feelings and DPSs feelings. Also this song truely inspires me not only to work, but to better myself.

Final draft of Magazine front cover!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pictures for my DPS.

Theses images are possibly what i might use for my DPS. As you can see i have quite alot but i tried to narrow them down .

Pictures for my DPS.

Pictures for my DPS.

Evaluation of what i want for my DPS.

Photoshoot plan for my DPS.

Final Picture ideas for DPS.

Yes i know this is a summer picture from a balcony. But it was the only picture i could access for Balconys which was resonably effective. However the idea behind this is that i want my Band Member, to be looking past the Balcony and thinking of his thoughts.

This image was maybe more realvent to my idea. As i wanted the Band member to be looking on into the distance, to convey he is moving on personally and thinking of different and possibly better things.

More ideas for my DPS.

I liked this picture because it was dark and provked a sad mood. And added with the water it conveyed a reflective mood, which is what i want for my pictures.
However i reiterate the pictures will not be in black and white.

For this picture, it could help my DPS because i want my Band Member looking on near the canal.

Inspirational photos for my DPS.

The Idea behind this image was Loneliness. I think this picture is realevent to my DPS, as the article will be about a band member leaving his band, and the struggle of that, having to find things to do.

Again this image, is simliar to the other one, as they both enforce the idea of loneliness. However for this image, it conveys a sense of moving on. And i want that to be taken into my dps.

However these pictures are in Black and white, and i am not sure if i'll go for a Black and White look personally.

New version of My Front Cover Magazine

As you can see, i have changed the Barcode, by adding a price to it, also the date it was published. I did this so that it looked more proffessional.

As well i added new text on the top right quoting ' Exclusive, Jack Shane reaveals all on his emotional leave from the Millcents.

And finally i edited the text, ' Sex Drugs n rock n roll the Millcents reveal all ' i added a white text behind the main text , so that it was more bold and eye-catching.